Updated compiler to VC All inbound PM’s are sent to the hotScript panel. During the update, when the installer tells you that you already have the current revision on your computuer, select Continue Anyway. All – AboutBox Dialog fix to correct “update available since Changes and fixes introduced in 7. Vista’s security system asks for permission to run hotComm components.

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If right mic button is not pressed, allow up to 3 Public Peers to speak. Custom emoticons are now sent compressed to that they use less bandwidth. Significant improvements in the hotDoc feature, including: You can post the. Fixes for general problems: To set opacity in CL, right-click the headphones and make your setting. This searches your User List for entry names that contain the mirrlr you type in, including relay server names, room names, and names of users in your All Users list.

This option relogs you into the hotComm VNS server. If the audio you hear is breaking up when you are in a room, increase this; your change takes effect the next time the speaker turns their mic on.


Create an AE abbreviation expansion that displays poll questions and results. Use this if you have an Avion or similar mirrror card, and hotComm crashes on startup. Fix occasional hotComm-to-hotComm missed invitations and sporatic invalid peer states.

hotComm 7.0 Highlights

Indent Transcripts is selectable. DocMgr adds Events and Links Directories special features. Note that hotComm is still a bit application. New in File Sharing – Right Mouse click on a file now displays file info, e.

hotComm User Guide

Fix – after clicking a link in the transcript, your cursor stays at that point in the transcript. It was available in beta only. Alpha accellerator keys work in the invitee list. A user-entered nickname is required.

Fix for hotComm crash due to interaction with some anti-virus software. Java client user count. Call Group Manager Operation bug was fixed. Webcam is now disabled by default in the client.

The invited peer can be running hotComm Lite or any version of hotComm. Formerly it was identified by “2.


hotComm Revision History

Notice about HiFi audio while recording. Private Message window now shows recipient’s nickname in boldface font, for easier viewing.

To see if the Mirror Driver is installed: When the moderator starts the timed camera again, it appears in the popped-out panel. These Operations modes can use this option: Right-Mouse menu gotcomm the camera icon allows Direct-Video selections like Cams in addition to Twain devices hoycomm allows you to send still or timed images.

Changes in hotComm not hotComm Lite: Please make sure you have adequate computer resources to run it as well as your other applications. In the Session Control toolbar, Audio Record Disable now disables printing, copying, saving or emailing the transcript, as well as disabling audio recording.

HCurlwhich manages the connection.