An audible increase in volume is usually heard at this frequency also. Servo tuning requires the user to be familiar with equipmentsuch as the oscilloscope and function generator. A true differential receiver is required for this signal. Rise times can be minimized by increasing the integrator and position proportional gains. Applications requiring the highest accuracy are tuned using the velocity, position-proportional and integrator terms, leaving the error-proportional at minimum fully CCW.

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Be sure the power supply current ratings are enough to supply the scanner and driver.

MiniSAX II Driver User’s Manual

This tuning is recommended in applications such as high-speed raster scanning which requires a minimum large-step time. If not familiar with this equipment, you shouldcontact your sales representative to minnisax a factory custom tuning.

Increase the integrator and position-proportional gains alternately, while adjusting velocity to maintain a critically damped response. To do so, observe the position signal on an oscilloscope.

The following tuning procedure is used when maximum accuracy is required. Sudden increase in scanner motor power dissipation could increase the temperature faster than the TCM can respond, causing an unwanted system shutdown.

If this has not been completed, go to section 8.

MiniSAX II Driver User’s Manual Pages 1 – 33 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

In this case, large steps will require command structuring. You are now ready for final tuning. Scanner motor does not follow the command input adequately. Reflect a laser beam from the load onto a calibrated optical target, as shown in Figure 8. If so, see [1] above. Call your regional sales manager or Technical Support for help. The power dissipated by ii heater blanket is proportional to the power supply voltage.


The ability of the TCM to regulate scanner motor temperature is limited by minosax amount of power thatcan be provided. Step ResponseWith the scanner motor operating at the required step angle, the settling performance can be monitoredon the position error test point with the aid of an oscilloscope.

You have found the resonant frequency when the maximum peak-to-peak position deflection is observed. Rise times can be mniisax by increasing the integrator and position proportional gains.

Increase the error gain. Gain and offset adjustment These are approximate set points, subject to the tolerance of the thermistor used to sense the scanner temperature.

A soft grounded conductive tabletop or grounded conductive mat on the tabletop. Oftena high gain amplifier with a low frequency filter kHz is useful here. If the position signal cannot be seen, try increasing the error gain slightly.

These adjustments are made at the factory in cases where a complete analog optical scanner scanner motor, driver and mirror is ordered, or if the factory is supplied with a test load from the customer. For better settling accuracy, slowly increase the integrator gain until the constant settling level goes to 0V as shown in Figure Check for a blown fuse F1 on the TCM.


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Remove jumper W1 and apply power to verify that the position circuitry is functioning properly. For more information on tuning performance, see section 8. Turn the velocity gain and position-proportional gain 4 minnisax 5 turns CW.

The parameters of interest for a minisxx waveform are typically velocity linearity and retrace time. Input a mVpp, 2KHz sine wave signal into the command interface connector. If proper adjustment is not possible, the notch filter frequency range may be incorrect for your setup. This saturation level defines the transition between small- and large-signal commands. Any equipment returned to the factory must be shipped in anti-static packaging.

That is why General Scanning offers four standard tunings as well asapplication-specific tuning for our OEM customers.